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Intact Forest Landscapes of Northern European Russia (2000-2004)



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The map shows the changes in the boundaries of intact forest landscapes that have occurred from 2000 to 2004 as a result of logging, road construction and fires which are associated with loggings and elements of the transport infrastructure, as well as a minor adjustment of intact forest landscapes borders driven by appearance of new sources of information (high quality, high resolution satellite images).

Preliminary analysis of the changes of intact forest landscapes boundaries associated with human activities was based on the comparison of early spring (March or April) satellite images Terra MODIS between different years. A more detailed analysis was made on the basis of middle and high-resolution satellite images of Landsat ETM (until 2002), Meteor-3M, Terra Aster, IRS PAN and IRS LISS.

A detailed description of the identifying intact forest landscapes methodology was published in the book "Intact Forest Landscapes of Northern European Russia" by A.Y.Yaroshenko, P.V.Potapov, S.A.Turubanova (SEU, Greenpeace and Global Forest Watch, 2001).

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