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Greenpeace Russia

The map was prepared by Greenpeace with the participation of the Biodiversity Conservation Center (Russia), the International Socio-Ecological Union and the Finnish League of nature (Luonto-Liitto). Also the following publications were used: "Intact Forest Landscapes of Northern European Russia" (Greenpeace and Global Forest Watch (GWF), 2001), "Remaining Wildlands of the Northern Forests" (GFW, 2002), "Atlas of Intact Forest Landscapes of Russia "(GWF, 2002).

82 of 148 countries in the forest zone have lost all their intact forests. Most of the old-growth forests in the world are composed by the tropical rainforests and boreal forests:

49% are rain forests of Latin America, Africa, Southern Asia and Oceania.

44% - boreal forests of Russia, Canada and Alaska.

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