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“Kosmosnimki-Lomonosov” geoportal: the travel of the “Fish Cart-2” project participants can be watched on-line

Fish Cart-2” project participants plan to follow the way that back in 1730 was covered on foot together with the fish cart by the 19-year old Mikhailo Lomonosov to Moscow from his native village of Mishaninskaya (now Lomonosovo village of Kholmogorsk District of Arkhangelsk Region).

The “Fish Cart-2” project starts on December 5 from the village of Lomonosovo. The project participants will take the following route: Lomonosovo-Kopachevo-Emetsk-Ust-Vaga-Shelasha-Velsk-Babino-Vologda Uzhnaya-Danilov-Yaroslavl-Rostov Veliky-Pereslavl-Sergiev Posad-Pushkino-Moscow (Vasilievsky Spusk). The travel of the project participants can be tracked in near real-time using the ScanEx’s solutions at the following website http://kosmosnimki.ru/lomonosov/.

Some mass media sources have already misled those interested by saying that the “Fish Cart-2” participants’ travel can be watched via the Kosmosnimki.Ru website. The address of the web resource was indicated incorrectly. Both sites - Kosmosnimki.Ru and “Kosmosnimki-Lomonosov” run on proprietary GeoMixer website engine.

— Currently the itinerary of the project supervisor Vadim Mikhailov is available at the “Kosmosnimki-Lomonosov” resource, as well as the test track from December 1. As the project starts from the village of Lomonosovo on December 5, the relocations of the project participants along the route can be monitored on-line starting this date, - explains ScanEx’s expert Maria Monakhova.

Supporting the “Fish Cart-2” project ScanEx also provided satellite images to the participants covering the entire itinerary of travel.