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Mapping of Russian Federal Protected Areas

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Mapping Ekaterina B. Tsybikova, Aleksandra R. Loshkareva, Maxim Yu. Dubinin, Igor N. Pospelov, Ruslan V. Kiselev

Design M.A Golyasheva, I. Yu. Belov, D.E. Aksenov, A.R. Loshkareva 

Konsultants V. Stepanitsky, A.A Troitsky, V.N. Tyapaykin

In 2011 Transparent World prepared for printing the maps of Russian federal protected areas. The maps were purposed to present relevant data on the federal protected areas of Russian Federation,  to display their borders  and to give a brief background information on each ones.
The maps contain following categories of federal protected areas (the number of objects is indicated in parentheses):

  •  State nature reserves (zapovedniks) (102);
  • National parks (43);
  • State federal nature refuges (71);
  • Areas with special status (State complex "Zavidovo")


In addition to the federal protected areas the maps display:

  • location of state nature reserves and national parks offices (directorates);
  • settlements (administrative centers (capitals) of the RF subjects; centers of administrative districts, which are located on the territory of federal protected areas; settlements which are significant for the country, region or function of a particular protected area);
  • regions and federal districts borders; the boundaries of neighboring countries;
  • hydrographic network, topography, major railways, the largest federal highways.

Table containing basic information about each protected area (title, category, year of creation, belonging to the UNESCO program "Man and Biosphere", belonging to the list of UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage; belonging to the Ramsar Convention on the Wetlands of International Importance; the number of plots and subject of the federation in whose territory the protected area is located) is also presented.
Maps were prepared for publication in three versions:

  • the scale of 1: 5,500,000 for printing on a sheet size of 152 x 108 cm;
  • the scale of 1: 7,000,000 for printing on a sheet size of 120 x 86 cm;
  • the scale of 1: 20,000,000 for printing on a A3 sheet size.

Map projection: Albers equal-area conic projection, ellipsoid WGS-84.

Cartographic base:
The boundaries of protected areas:

  •   The cartographic database of the federal protected areas in Russia, created during the project on mapping of intact forest areas in Russia, 2004-2011 (World Resources Institute, the International Socio-Ecological Union, the Biodiversity Conservation Center, Transparent World).
  • The cartographic database of the federal protected areas in Russia, 2011-2012 (Transparent World, Russian Ministry of Natural Resources, State Organization "Kerzhensky State Nature Reserve").

Borders of regions and federal districts of Russia: Rosreestr, (;
Settlements, hydrography, roads, borders of neighboring countries: ArcWorld, ESRI Data & Maps, 2002; VMap0, 2000;
Topography: GTOPO30 (the US Geological Survey's EROS Data Center).

Fundamental distinctions from existing maps of protected areas (outstanding features of the maps) are:

  • The maps display all currently existing protected areas (reserves, national parks and federal reserves of Russia and Goskompleks "Zavidovo") and National Park "Beringia" (it was created in 2013). The creation of new protected areas and changing the boundaries of existing ones were taken into account.
  • The maps locate offices (directorates) of state nature reserves and national parks.
  • The maps show borders and centers of regions of the Russian Federation.
  • The boundaries of federal protected areas carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as official regulations of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; land and forest management data; land surveying data. If there is contradiction in the description of the boundaries the next data considered to have the highest priority: the borders of protected area surveying data; other materials of land and forest management; approved in accordance with the established procedure registration certificate (passport) of protected area containing descriptions of the specific boundaries.


  • For preparing the map the funds of state contract No.0332100020611000005 01.11.2011 allocated to Transparent World were used.

Partners of the project: Federal protected areas of Russia

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